Giving A Room A Quick, Easy Facelift

Courtesy of Elle Decor’s executive editor Michael Boodro, here are a few tips for injecting a fresh look into your home’s interiors, ideas that can be accomplished at relatively little cost and with just a small amount of effort.

Pump the Color

Don’t let it scare you.  If you love a bold color, but worry it will be overkill, do one wall, or paint the wall below the chair rail.  Strong color instantly changes a room.

Don’t Fear the Dark

If you have a dark room, don’t paint it a light color and pretend it’s a bright room.  Painting a dark room a dark color can give it real presence.

Use the Ceiling

Too many people ignore them.  Paint ceilings a pale color, like soft blue or pink or butter, or add texture with architectural detail.  When you address the ceiling, it lifts the eye.

Add Shine

Put something shiny in every room:  A glass bowl, a mirror, a polished brass table, lacquered or glossy-painted furniture, satin pillows.  Furnishings that reflect light make spaces happier.

Edit your Stuff

Just as choosing which photos will make it into our magazine’s layout is the hardest part of editing, the same holds true for a room.  Not every great item belongs.  Clear every surface.  Put your stuff in a pile and slowly consider each piece before you put it back.

Have Fun

Your home should be playful.  Not every piece needs to be valuable or have provenance.  Your home should reflect you, not a hotel.

Keep it Alive

The philosophy of maintaining a magazine is that “it’s like a shark.”  If it doesn’t move ahead, it dies.  The same holds true for a living space.  Keep it moving forward!