Learn How To Clean Concrete (And Keep It Clean)

how to keep your concrete cleanIt’s a fair bet that keeping your sidewalks and concrete driveway clean isn’t high on your maintenance list. But it’s something you shouldn’t let slide for too long.

Concrete is a porous material and accumulates dust and grime quickly, among other substances. Regular cleaning and maintenance helps keep these surfaces pristine and the space healthy. And it comes as no surprise that the longer a stain has been there, the more difficult it will be to remove it.

For starters, sealing your walks and driveway with a quality concrete sealer not only makes subsequent cleaning much easier, but it also extends the life and quality of these surfaces.

As with any area of your home, regular cleaning and maintenance of the concrete helps to avoid longer-term problems. This involves simple steps and materials—brooms, mops and cleansers. Develop a regular schedule for keeping the surface looking good, and you’re already ahead of the game.

Keep it simple. Don’t go for complicated procedures when simpler options are available.  Standard degreasers containing concentrated citrus juice, mild detergent and soda can remove most stains. Apply these to the stains and allow them to settle for a period of time.  Kitty litter and sawdust are good for absorbing grease stains. Mildew can be removed with the application of ice or aerosol freezing agents.

Power washing helps to dislodge stubborn dirt, but be sure you’ve swept away all loose debris first.

Over time, fungal and bacterial growth will occur, and you may reach a point where the most efficient and speediest means for cleaning the concrete will be to hire professionals.  They have the right equipment and training to remove those stains that have eluded your best efforts.

Whatever method you chose, once you’ve finished cleaning, then arrange for the application of a concrete sealer before dirt and other things have the opportunity to return and mar your clean and healthy looking sidewalks, steps and other surfaces!