Design A Room Around Your Favorite Item

design a room around your favorite itemA great way to find inspiration for room design is to find a piece of furniture or art that you love, and build off of it.  For example, you find a beautiful red leather chair with chocolate brown legs that you have to have.  From that one item, you could easily build your entire room design around it.

A popular trend in current design is to use monochromatic colors—different shades of the same color—to add subtle differences that will give your room depth and accent without being jarring.  Additionally, adding white to a darker room will make things “pop” against the darker colors.  Imagine, for example, a white table or floor lamp to create contrast.  And of course, the opposite works if you are dealing with a lighter colored room.

Remember that red leather chair with the chocolate brown legs?  Take a closer look at those legs; perhaps you can find a side table or coffee table with a wood-style or color that will complement the chair.  Conversely, you can also select lighter shades of brown or tan to provide contrast.

The most important thing to remember when designing your room is to do what makes you happy.  Find that one piece you absolutely love, and the rest of the room will fall into place.  Just remember that no room will ever be perfect to everyone, so do what you love.  After all, the odds are that you’ll be spending more time there than anyone else!