How To Run An Efficient Yard Sale

How to have a good yard saleIt certainly comes as no secret that holding a yard or garage sale can be a quick and relatively easy way to make some money; you only have to look around your own neighborhood on any given weekend to see that most people have already figured that out.

But here are some quick tips to cut down on the frustration and to make the experience more efficient for you and your family:

Pick a date and don’t over-commit yourself

Most effective garage sales are limited to one day.  And that day is Saturday.  Don’t give up your entire weekend when the bulk of your sales are going to be made that first day, anyway.

Determine your hours of operation

You’ll reach a point of diminishing returns sooner than you anticipate.  Just as you probably don’t want to conduct a two-day sale, you also don’t want to be sitting in your driveway or your front yard for ten hours, either.  Begin at 8 or 9, and plan on being done by 3 or 4, at the latest.  And yes, prepare for the fact that some shoppers will show up early, hoping to catch the best bargains.  Either be firm about your starting time, or anticipate those early birds and plan accordingly.

Marketing yourself

Make signs and place them around your neighborhood.  Choice spots are busy intersections, grocery-store parking lots and libraries.  But be respectful and courteous about where you post, and don’t commit the sin of forgetting to take down your signs afterwards. Go viral.  Invite your friends on Facebook a week in advance.  Send a few targeted emails. Place a detailed ad on Craigslist.  There’s also a website called Tag Sell It ( where you can advertise your sale.

Set up a lemonade/cookie stand

Your kids can run it for you.  If you don’t have kids, check with a local charity that would like the opportunity to make some extra money.  And why bother with this extra hassle?  It will keep people are your sale longer, and the longer they stay, the more they spend.  Music can also encourage shoppers to linger.

Have plenty of change on hand!


Have extension cords handy to use if you are selling any electrical items.

Negotiate, but don’t be greedy.

The purpose of the sale is to get rid of the stuff you don’t want.  Price to sell.  Your goal is to have a lot of empty space when you are finished, remember.

Donate leftover items to charity

Not only will this keep the leftover clutter out of your garage, you will get a tax write-off from the charity and it will help people in your community.

You’ll make money, you’ll meet neighbors you’ve only seen from a distance, and you’ll have fun in the process.