Loft Conversions: A Great Way To Create More Living Space

building a loft in your homeDo you have high ceilings in your home that you feel are no more than an empty and wasted space? If so, you may be losing out on your home’s real potential. Through loft conversion, you can transform unused ceiling or attic space into a functional loft room or living area.

From Wasted Space To Extra Space With A Loft Conversion

The typical vaulted ceiling or enclosed attic space can amount to almost 30% of the total potential space of a home. Unfortunately, this portion is usually left unused.  By building a loft conversion instead of an extension or room addition, you get an additional room without taking away space from your garden or lot area.

Also, as opposed to constructing extensions or basements, building a loft gives you maximum use of your home with lesser disruption to the existing structure.

Remodeling Contractors Are The Cheaper Alternative

In this uncertain economy, more homeowners are turning to loft conversion to address their need for more living space. It’s an alternative that tends to cost less because instead of adding to the house, you will be working within its existing dimensions and foundation.

Build What You Need

The attic space offers a versatile area from which various types of accommodation can be built. Some homeowners want living additional living space, such as a bedroom, children’s playroom, or even an entertainment area. Others prefer to make it an office space. There are also those who just want more storage area.

Building a room addition/loft conversion can be a fun and rewarding experience if you decide to give a personalized take to the room being created. Think about how you would want the room to look. Decide on details like the color palette, space layout, furnishings and other design elements. Always remember that during this whole process, you are the boss.

Increase Your Home’s Value

More space means more money. It is generally believed that having a loft constructed in your home will add a substantial amount of value to your property. Though exact figures are hard to determine, it is said that a professional loft conversion can increase the potential price of a house to approximately 20%.

Constructing lofts has gained popularity among many homeowners over the past years.  Since this is not an “easy” remodel, if you aren’t an adept do-it-yourselfer, it is advisable to seek the services of remodeling contractors to ensure a smooth loft conversion.  With the assistance of a professional, you can see your ideas implemented and a new space created that perfectly suits your needs.

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