Redefine The Interior Of Your Home With Wall Lighting

wall-lightingDo you currently have wall lights in your home? If not, you may want to consider making a switch. Wall lights not only look great but they come in a whole range of styles, too. That means whatever your own taste and décor, you will be able to find fixtures that complement your home’s design.

Classic Wall Lights

If you have a classic style then you will want to choose wall lights that fit in with this scheme. What about antique brass lights? Maybe a ceramic uplighter is more the style you are looking for? Either way, wall lights add a great deal of warmth and style to a room that is classically designed. There are wall lights available in a range of materials and colors, too. If you really want to make your lights stand out, select multi-colored glass lights. These offer an antique or vintage feel that really makes a statement.

Contemporary Wall Lights

If you prefer the more contemporary look, there are plenty of wall lights to choose from. The minimalist look can easily be applied to wall lights with stylish designs made from metal and glass. Stainless steel is another popular type of contemporary fixture. These look good and function well in offices, too. If your house has a home office then you may well want to consider this arrangement there. All budgets can be catered to in the contemporary wall light range.

Crystal and Glass Wall Lights

Crystal and glass wall lights are currently very popular. They can bring a great deal of elegance and style into a room. There are chandelier type wall lights that are as effective at creating a look that is both elegant and decadent. There are also vintage varieties available that can do a lot to enhance the look of the room.

Picture and Mirror Lights

When you have beautiful pictures or mirrors that adorn the walls of your home, you want them to stand out. The best way of doing this is by choosing some picture and mirror lights. These sit on the top of the pictures and the mirrors and shine down onto them. It is a great way of bringing some accent lighting into the room. Having a light shining on a mirror will also create an illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.

Whatever your style or budget, there are wall lights available to transform your home. You can do some online research or check with your local home improvement store to help you decide what kind of fixtures will best complement your home and vision.

(with information from Kathryn Dawson, interior lighting design expert)