Remodeling Your Home Before You Sell

home-inspection1. ANALYZE THE SPACE

– Walk through your home and look at each room in the context of the overall property.

– Is your kitchen very dark and compartmentalized with an inefficient floor plan and layout?

– Are the cabinets just worn out and refuse to stay closed?

– Are all of the appliances in good working order?

– Is the décor outdated or tired-looking?

Now would be the time to remodel. Particularly if you’ve updated some rooms but not others, the contrast will be even more stark and call attention to itself. Refreshing now will present a more cohesive piece of property to show later.


– Before you invest any time and money into any home renovation projects, first evaluate the structural elements of your home.

– Do a walk-through, and be honest with what you find. What weaknesses did you discover? If YOU can see the problems – so will the potential buyers!

– Be on the lookout for anything and everything from cracks in the foundation / rotting, bulging or splitting around doors and windows.

– Is the electrical wiring antiquated?

– Do you have a termite problem? These issues can’t be hidden or camouflaged.

– Be proactive and hire a home inspector before you sell. S/he will help you uncover problems and looming issues that you may have overlooked.

– A typical home inspection analyzes the home’s structural integrity, all major mechanical systems and provides you with a thorough assessment of your home’s structure and property.

– Use this information to repair the necessary areas of the home and give it the TLC it deserves.

– Set goals and decide what you NEED to do and the compromises you’ll willing to make to turn your home into someone else’s dream home.


– Highlight your home’s best features: Every home has some, and who better than you to identify and spotlight them?

– Is it a canyon view from the hillside?

– The ocean view from the kitchen?

– The spectacular double-sided fireplace or the fabulous gourmet kitchen you’ve loved for years. Or the deck and outdoor kitchen off the family room?

– Whatever the asset – dress it, enhance it, show it – AND CREATE THAT WOW FACTOR!