Treatments for Large Windows

large-windowsFloor-length curtains and draperies are the best choice for large windows. These types of window treatments are classic and traditional choices for wide windows. These large curtains and draperies are an excellent alternative to panel track blinds or vertical blinds, which are common choices for modern homes. Also, remember to consider the size and styling of the curtain rod and curtain grommets which also serve as accessories to curtains.

Graphic shapes and patterns on curtains and draperies give a modern feel to a room. Bold colors also liven up a neutral-colored room. These designs provide better dimension and depth to any dull room. However, be careful in choosing colors and patterns when you’re putting in window treatments for smaller rooms. Dark colored treatments should be avoided because they make a small area look even smaller.

Blinds are a whole other deal when it comes to putting them on large windows. It’s much harder to choose blinds. A vertical window blind, such as a vertical blind or panel track sliding blind, usually works best on windows that are wider than they are tall, and they add height and formality to a room. Horizontal window blinds on the other hand, such as wood blinds, work best on windows that are taller than they are wide, and enhance a cozy and casual decor.

If you plan to go for blinds, consider a piece that can cover the size of your window while still providing the light control, privacy and functionality you’re looking for. Wood blinds are very heavy and not a good choice for large windows where the blind needs to be raised often. Try coordinating panel track blinds for your large windows with roman or roller shades on your smaller windows.

Shades as window treatment for large windows can also be a challenge. Solar shades are perfect for large windows especially if the room gets a lot of sun exposure. Solar shades filter harmful UV rays and regulate a nice and comfortable temperature for a room. You should opt for shades that are easy to use and control. A simple roll up and roll down mechanism goes a long way.

Finally, tie in your window treatments with matching beddings and upholstery for a more unified interior design.

by Chris Lontok

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