Cold Cathode Lighting: Innovative and Affordable

cathode-lightingOne tends to think of cathode lighting as something primarily used in businesses and commercial buildings, but there are many advantages to consider for installing it in your home, as well.

It’s a great energy saver; unlike regular lights, cathodes don’t use extra power from being switched on and off. Once the tube begins to heat up, the resistance to current flow begins to drop, resulting in it steadily requiring lower voltage to continue working. This can save as much as ninety percent energy, compared to standard light bulbs.

Cold cathode lights don’t get hot. They can be as much as five times brighter than neon lighting, and they have one of the longest lives of any type of lighting available, up to 50,000 hours.

Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, cathode lighting is ideal for many locations, and are increasingly seen in stores, hospitals, galleries and libraries. They are used to best effect in alcoves where indirect lighting is preferable. Their increasing fluid and flexible designs help draw attention to the special features and furnishings in a room.

The improvements in the design of cathode lighting fixtures make them available in smaller and sleeker shapes than traditional fluorescents. With a long life expectation, no flickering to distract or annoy, high brightness and a flexible nature, cold cathodes are innovative and creative.

Moreover, they are totally recyclable once they have come to the end of their lighting life.

All good reasons to consider making a shift to utilizing cathode lighting in your home!

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