Common Issues Arising In Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom-remodelBathroom remodels are more work than just some paint and a little bit of tile. A remodel creates a good opportunity to uncover issues that might eventually lead to larger problems if left undiagnosed and untreated. Some issues are obvious, while others are inconspicuous.

These types of issues include moisture damage from old and corroded plumbing, as well as flooring issues created by poor framing and damaged floor joists. New flooring placed atop a subfloor with problems will likely lead to cracking and buckling in the new surface. Other areas demanding close inspection include mold issues arising from moisture build-up and proper venting issues. Vents may be hooked up and running without being properly vented.

Doing a major bathroom renovation will help homeowners to spot issues that require attention before they become even bigger issues. And remember: A completely flawless bathroom that functions with zero problems will add not just aesthetic value, but monetary value, besides.

By Kevin Germain

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