A Home Improvement & Maintenance Checklist for Your Home

The health of a home is a lot like your own personal health. If regularly checked and maintained, the chances of problems arising are less. Here are some of the things in your domicile that should be checked periodically.



Leaks are seriously trouble and should be remedied as soon as they are detected and before they have the chance to become bigger issues. They can damage walls and sub flooring and can create mold issues. Make regular checks in those areas that are most prone to leaks from heavy use, such as the caulking and grout in bathrooms and under sinks in kitchens. If you see corrosion, there is a leak at work.

Check around your water heater for accumulating pools of water on the floor. Water heaters ideally should be drained periodically to remove sediment and reduce the risk of problems. If you notice problems, hire a licensed plumber for further inspection, repairs and general maintenance.

Vent exhaust ducts for the clothes dryer and cooktop to the outside and keep the drip pans from your air conditioner clean and the drain lines unobstructed and flowing properly. In the kitchen you should clean the dust from refrigerator condenser located at the rear of unit.

Inspect your roof and flashing periodically for missing, worn or broken shingles and any flashing that has separate from adjacent surfaces, allowing water leakage. A licensed roofer can inspect these areas and make repairs. Also, inspect your gutter and drainspouts and remove any debris to assure unobstructed water flow away from foundations.


Exterior items that should be on your maintenance list include inspecting veneer and siding. Watch for deteriorating bricks and masonry. For siding, look for warping or rot. Check caulking around doors and windows, and glazing around window panes. Make sure your cooling and heating units are free from obstructing debris. Change filters and check coils for build-up.

You should also have periodic termite and pest inspections conducted. Remove accumulation of tree limbs, branches and other debris that might attract wood eating insects. If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace, don’t store your firewood too near your house, in case it contains termites.

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