Give Your Windows A New Lease Of Life

interior-windowIf you’re considering changes to your windows, then take time to assess what you’d like your window fitter to achieve. Are yours a distinctive architectural feature or run-of-the-mill cheap replacements? Are they made from appropriate materials? Are they poorly sized or poorly framed?

Also, their condition is important. Get your window fitter to take a good look at them and tell you whether your frames are suffering from rot or letting in a draft. Do the windows let in enough light? Is there condensation on the inside of the glass? Can the windows be open to let in fresh air? Is there too much noise from outside traffic or neighboring homes?
By answering these questions, you’ll help define the positive and negative aspects, and what work needs to be done by your window fitter. It may come down to as little as stripping the paint from frames if the windows are in good condition. If the windows are generally fine but allow some draft, a window fitter can install better draft excluders. And if you have wooden sash windows that no longer function properly, then a specialist window fitter can re-cord them if you aren’t looking for replacements. You can also have your fitter install window locks, particularly on the ground floor. Toughened glass and double glazing will also help to deter intruders.

If the best option is simply to replace windows, you can opt for wooden framing or UPVC, which requires little ongoing maintenance.

Finally, don’t forget that window dressing will have a big impact on the look and feel of your home. For a more modern look, consider replacing heavy draperies with blinds or wooden shutters. If you wish to stay with curtains, look into heavily textured fabrics. For a bit of fun, you can paint the frames a bright color or install window boxes to vary the look in spring and summer.

Windows are a vital part of defining the character and feel of a building. Even small alternations can impact your home’s appearance.

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