Create A Grand Entrance With Your Front Door

The front door sets the tone for the rest of your home. It defines the style within, and should do the same for you.

The more distinctive types of doors include Georgian (plain door with a glass built into it and a classic portico overhead), Victorian (more decorative, often with stained glass panels), Edwardian (simple wooden doors on an undecorated porch) and post World War Two style such as Art Deco, with zigzag lines and brighter colors.

All of these remain popular choices, with a current trend back to the Victorian-style of stained glass windows in doors. There are any number of specialists and designers who can help to restore or recreate the type of door you would like to have fronting your home.

Of course, a front door’s most important function is to provide security. In addition to being sturdy and solid, it should include safety features such as robust locks, security hinges and perhaps a peephole.

If you are replacing a door, you might also want to consider widening or enhancing the entrance opening at the same time. And door “furniture” is an important consideration, as well. This includes door knobs, the mailbox, porch light and address numbers. Victorian homes traditionally have brass “furnishings. More modern doors have brushed aluminum or shiny silver-effect door furniture.

A smart, welcoming door is always worth spending money on. Whether you are restoring your home’s entrance to a previous look or merely giving it a modern day facelift, it will enhance the appearance of your entire property.