Design Beautiful Windows For Your Home

Though homeowners may not realize it, windows play a pivotal role in the overall décor and atmosphere of their home.

Designed to allow light and air in through solid walls, they are a staple of any architecture.  They serve both practical and aesthetic purposes.  Warmth and safety were the two main reasons why windows were established.  Allowing the sun through the window provided warmth and also provided a means to watch for potential attacks.

Although even standard square windows can act as a design element, many windows are of a unique design and composition.  When establishing the décor for a room, the room layout and the windows are a great place from which to start.  They come in a variety of styles and designs including casement windows, which are cranked to open and close them, gliding windows which slide along a horizontal system, bay windows which feature angles at the wall and ceiling, and sash, round-top and polygon windows, to name a few examples.

Although most come in standard neutral colors like white and beige, more and more windows are featuring a wide spectrum of colors that allow homeowners to design an entire room around the window décor.

The style of the window largely depends on the architectural design of the structure.  A modern home would likely feature contemporary windows with straight lines, few or no panes, and clear glass.  Colonial homes might display many-paned sash windows.  More grandiose dwellings could include windows with stained glass or unique shapes.

When considering what selection works best for you, take a moment to contemplate the primary function of the room in question.  Living room windows are often great décor elements, designed horizontally to allow ample light and to take up plenty of design space on an otherwise empty wall.  In bedrooms, a window will serve a specific area for reading, writing or relaxing.

Ultimately, of course, let your own lifestyle and preference dictate the sort of window that will best complement your household.