The Art of Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

One of the more prominent features in a kitchen is the look of the kitchen cabinets.  As much or more than the appliances and the countertops, the doors on your cabinets define the character of the room and, by extension, the character of the family that lives and cooks there.

Glass in cabinet doors creates a more casual, open feeling, lending either a traditional or “retro” air to the room.  On a functional level, it enables both resident and guest alike to know at a glance where everything in your cupboards is located.

If standard glass seems boring or run-of-the-mill to you, you can add texture and color with leaded or stained glass.

There are multiple choices available in simple wooden door cabinets, as well.  You can opt for a recessed panel, raised or curved, beadboard or slab.  If you want an airier kitchen with a more relaxed feel, lighter-colored woods such as ash, birch, oak or elm will better suit your needs.  For a more austere and solemn feeling opt for a darker wood, such as maple or cherrywood.  Additionally, teak, mahogany and rosewood provide a nice variety in textures and hues.

Some woods take lighter stains better and can accent the grain of the wood to great effect.  Though polyester paint is a lesser-considered choice, it provides a glossy, shiny finish that lends a distinctive appearance to the kitchen’s look and feel.

A visit to a local home design shop or home improvement center can yield a wealth of ideas for cabinetry.  The choices are far-ranging, each bringing a unique look and feel to the room that is at the heart of your household.