Consider UPVC Windows to Keep Your Home Safe and Stylish

UPVC windows are manufactured from poly vinyl chloride and contain galvanized steel which is the reason they are perfect for homeowners.  Not only are they highly effective in keeping out the cold in winter, they also are particularly good at insulating the interior of your home.  UPVC will ensure outside noise is kept to a minimum, keep your home warm and cozy, and allows you to save money on heating bills.

You’ll find a wide selection of UPVC windows suitable for every type of new or replacement project, allowing you plenty of options when it comes to choosing quality exterior windows for your home. They are smart, straightforward to fit, require little maintenance and are competitively priced.

Pivot windows are designed for and suited to commercial or apartment buildings. The sash pivots around the central horizontal axis which means you have access to the outside window pane from the inside of the house, making them a safe, clean option for anyone with a property above floor level. Their large clear panes also allow for a lot of light to flow in and the chance to enjoy the views.

Tilting reversible windows are another option for multi-story residential and commercial buildings as they have the ability to reverse 180 degrees outside the building envelope, allowing for full access to the outer pane for easy cleaning. Reversible windows are a safe option for those living on the ground floor of apartment buildings as the glass can’t be removed by intruders; they also incorporate child-safety catches which limit how far they can be opened, preventing young children from falling out of them.

Vertical sliders are a traditional style that offer beauty, durability and low maintenance. If you want to maintain the look of your period property then the classic, stylish looks of Georgian sliding windows, is a good option. UPVC sliding windows have triple seals for excellent draft proofing, an anti-jimmy bar for protection against break-ins and resistant hardware for optimal safety measures, in addition to a slide-and-tilt mechanism for effortless cleaning.

If you are building a new house and about to order the windows, or your home has old timber frames that are in need of replacement, consider UPVC as it offers a vast range of styles, and choice of colors. Whatever your preference, from traditional vertical sliders, tilt-and-turn, pivot and reversible to contemporary styles or energy efficient options, you’ll find lots of information and guidance online to help you make the right choice.

UPVC also provides a higher level of insulation against outdoor noises and is predominantly popular in areas located near to busy roads, motorways or train lines. Window systems are generally guaranteed for up to 10 years and available in a wide choice of colors and finishes to suit any building. UPVC windows are expressly designed for fast, easy production and fitting.

Highly effective against harsh weather conditions, unlike wood, iron and aluminium, UPVC is the clear choice as an attractive and practical way to ensure your family home is safe and secure.