Effective Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is usually viewed as one of the most dreaded tasks people must undertake each year.  It’s a time to air out your home, get rid of old, unwanted items, and to reorganize those things you still plan to use.  By taking a few minutes to put together a “prep list,” you can organize your plan and in the process, make it seem less daunting.

Here are some items, some obvious, some not so, to help you welcome spring and warmer temperatures into your home:

  • Wash your windows, inside and out.
  • Vacuum or wash the draperies and other window treatments.
  • Wash blankets, throw rugs and bed covers.  This is a more time-consuming than difficult process, and you will be better served by setting aside the appropriate block of time to do all of this in one burst of activity.
  • Check all downspouts and clean them accordingly to reduce the likelihood of clogs and other problems.
  • Arrange to have your air conditioning system inspected.  Spring is the best time to do this, because the hot weather has not yet taken hold.  Also, check and clean air filters and vents.
  • Check and replace smoke detector batteries.  This should be done every six months, so setting up a timetable that has you doing this regularly every spring and fall will help to establish a consistent routine.
  • Drain any sediment from your hot water heater to keep it in top working condition.
  • Use a small foam paintbrush to clean small spaces between cabinets or under appliances.  These are those easily-overlooked areas where dust and cobwebs can accumulate undetected for lengthy periods of time.

Just this short list will make an impressive difference in the freshness and cleanliness of your home and set you on the right course for enjoying those longer days and pleasant, warm evenings.