Shower Stall Options

A shower/bathtub combination can be a good solution for bathrooms that have limited space, but the trend is to separate these units if you are remodeling or adding on a bathroom. This might require expanding into other existing space—like a nearby closet, for example.  It can also sometimes be accomplished by rearranging the layout in a bathroom. Often in older baths the layout is not very functional and does not make the best use of space. When reinstalling the units, it is possible to save some money on plumbing costs if they are located next to one another.

Plan your space carefully, taking accurate measurements.  Transferring the dimensions to graph paper can be a great help in getting an accurate layout.  Design software can make this an even simpler process, allowing proposed changes to be considered with the mere click of a mouse.

Consider how the elements will relate to one another in your space.  A shower with sliding doors or a shower curtain may be preferable to a shower door that swings out into the bathroom.

Shower stalls come in a variety of choices, from wide models to slim, space-saving options.  There are corner shower stalls to consider, as well.  Removing or adding a shower or tub to an existing space presents its own set of challenges.  Removal may require some demolition to get it through the door.  And be careful when shopping to be certain that the model you want can be maneuvered into your house and the room itself.

Many units are available in multiple pieces that can be reasssembled, and these prefabricated models are of a much better quality than those produced in the past.  Many feature all or most of the extras found in one-piece shower units.

You’ll find many stand alone shower options at your local home improvement center. Do some online browsing, as well.  You will need a shower floor, shower walls, a shower head and shower doors.  Most of these items are sold in a kit, but check to be absolutely certain you are getting everything that you’ll need to finish the job.

When selecting a shower head, either choose one with a pressure balance valve included, or install a pressure balance valve separately. This will allow you the comfort of maintaining the temperature throughout your shower even if water is run elsewhere in the household.

Whether your needs call for a wide shower, a slim line shower stall or even a corner shower, there is a unit that will fit your needs and situation.