Boosting Your Home’s Resale Value

Here are a handful of straightforward things you can do to increase your home’s appeal to potential buyers:

A green lawn is an enormous plus.  A weedy, crabgrass-filled lawn can be a quick turnoff.  It will take a few weeks, but it’s not hard to green your lawn.  It shows you care and cared for your house.  Well-placed shrubs, trees and flowers make a property much more inviting and hide things like meters, hoses, pipes and other outdoor detriments.

Paint or pressure-wash the exterior.  You can brighten up your walls with just a quick pressure washing that removes dirt, cobwebs, stain and mildew.  Painting is more involved and expensive, but will definitely add curb appeal.

Look closely at your driveway.  Does it have oil stains, spots, or simply look aged?  Again a pressure washing can work wonders.

Spruce up your entryway with a decorative glass door, nicely trimmed potted plants or shrubs and other attractive touches.  Remember:  95% of all home buyer purchases are heavily influence by a woman, and women will look more closely at these things.

Touch up interior paint and trim work.  Little dings, marks, scuffs and such will detract from your home’s value.  Homeowners tend to overlook the minor smudges they see every day.  A potential buyer walking into your house will spot them immediately.

Make sure that all appliances staying with the house are in top working order.

Have your carpets professionally cleaned.  Potential buyers will be looking at your place with the mindset of how much money and time they will have to put in to make it livable and homelike.  The more you can help them with that vision, they better off you will be.

Look closely for pest infestation of any kind.  Bring in an exterminator if you have even the slightest concern.

Have your home inspected.  Be sure to have the foundation, roof and plumbing checked out.  Being able to present the results of a positive inspection to potential buyers shows that you know you have a good, well-cared-for house.