Making a Case for Aluminum Blinds

Many homeowners are turning to aluminum blinds when they remodel.  They provide durability and provide a special ambiance to any location.

Increasingly, aluminum blinds are manufactured with an eye towards color coordination and compatibility with all room styles.  They are available as vertical, Venetian and mini-blinds, and fit as well in a formal dining room as they do in the basement rec room.

They fall into the mid-price range, more expensive that vinyl, cheaper than wooden.  Aluminum blinds are energy efficient, resisting heat loss during cold seasons and providing necessary shade when the sun’s rays are at their strongest.  You can also custom order them for high UV absorption, and they provide a great sound barrier, as well.

The aluminum varieties can easily accommodate windows of all types:  Bay and corner windows and even arched or round ones.  They can be opened or closed the “old-fashioned way,” with a standard cord, or fitted with a battery operated tilt feature.  The motor is quiet but powerful, and with a remote, as many as six window shades can be manipulated with the press of a single button.

Color choices include solids, metallic and matte.   Blinds can be installed with or without toppers and valances, which leaves as much or as little of the window exposed as you prefer.  Whatever look you wish to achieve in a room, aluminum blinds will help you do it.