Ways to Transform Your Garage into Living Space

If you’ve given the occasional thought to turning your garage into additional living space, here are a few important points you’ll want to consider before undertaking the renovation.

Because the typical garage has a concrete, uninsulated floor, it will require insulation.  Furring up the concrete with wood firing strips and plywood is a good first step.  Use pressure-treated lumber floor and and put down a layer of felt paper or other insulation between the lumber and the concrete.

Keep in mind that almost all garage surfaces involve some quantity of downward slope from the back wall structure in order to permit water runoff, so it will be necessary to level the floor before proceeding.

Oftentimes, garage walls aren’t even with the foundation they rest on.  The walls may be set back or overhang the foundation.  This should be remedied for both cosmetic and insulating concerns.  Be prepared for the small road blocks you face regarding such obstructions as plumbing, ductwork and electrical wiring.  Will the remodel require a water heat tank?

Remember, too, that a building permit may likely be necessary for your garage makeover.  Make sure you’ve checked into all local regulations and requirements before you get too far into your remodel and you discover that some of your work may have to be re-done.

Each garage presents its unique challenges and opportunities.  And with some research and careful planning, yours can be transformed into the addition that best suits the needs of your household.