How To Self-Clean Your Carpets

If a carpet is heavily soiled, it needs shampooing.  You can utilize a professional carpet cleaning service or, with a few of the carpet cleaning tips mentioned below, you may be able to achieve the same thorough results by renting or purchasing your own steamer or wet-cleaner machine to clean your carpets yourself.

Using a wet-cleaner machine and a hot detergent solution to soak, spray and clean your rug ensures a detailed removal of dirt, stains and even most bacteria.

carpet cleaner being used

In choosing the machine, pick the one that is compatible to your needs. As part of your carpet care, you need to ensure that its threads are not damaged or destroyed in the cleaning process. If the carpet shampoo is not included in the package, make sure that you bought the solution recommended by the manufacturer of the machine.

Carefully follow these 7 steps to make sure your carpet is cleaned correctly:

  1. Begin by removing furniture from the room.
  2. Thoroughly vacuum the carpet to remove loose dirt, pet hair and other particles. This should also expose the carpet stains, if there are any.
  3. Using a traffic-lane cleaner or pre-spray, spray the heavily soiled areas. For really dirty areas, increase the amount of pre-spray used, instead of increasing the amount of carpet shampoo. You can also use carpet spot treatment.Allow the cleaning solution to work on the carpet by leaving it for few minutes. This should help loosen the carpet stains, making them easier to remove.
  4. Fill the machine’s hose or reservoir with hot tap water. Follow the instructions provided on the wet-cleaner machine.
  5. Using a back and forth motion, maneuver the machine on the carpet. Make sure that you cover the entire carpet including the areas that do not have stains. This is to ensure that there are no uneven areas on the carpet when it is dry.To thoroughly clean the carpet, maneuver the machine across the surface several times. This may include stopping periodically to empty the dirty water from the reservoir and refill it with clean water.
  6. After shampooing, press your hand on the carpet.  If your fingers have residual moisture, it’s important to extract the remnants of water/shampoo from the fibers by suctioning the carpet further.  Do this until the process of pressing your hand to the rug no longer produces much residue. Carpet care needs patience, and it is not a minor task.
  7. You should let the carpet dry overnight before you let anyone walk on it. Don’t place the furniture on it until it is thoroughly dry. In order to facilitate this, open the windows and turn on your ceiling fan or stand fan.

Carpet care is a prolonged and involved task, but the beautiful results speak for themselves.