How To Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

There are a handful of inexpensive renovation ideas you can utilize to increase your home’s resale value.

Homebuyers are looking for kitchens that immediately appear spacious, in good repair, and have the necessary furnishings.  Add to the room’s cheery appeal by installing lights to make it look brighter, or increase the wattage of the bulbs in the fixtures already in use.  Remove countertop clutter, and especially remove items that sit on windowsills or in any impede the flow of natural light into the room.  Make sure that counter and tabletops are clean and in good repair.  If the budget will allow, a quick and remarkable fix is to replace current flooring with stone or tile.

Likewise, make sure your living room is also airy and embracing.  Re-paint dark surfaces with something lighter.  You may not be able to afford new furnishings or carpeting, but the addition of a lamp or two that brightly illuminates the room will add boundless appeal.

Don’t overlook the yard and garden.  Keep bushes trimmed, sidewalks clear and in good repair, and gardens—even in winter—tidy and free of leaves, needles and other things that could give the exterior an unkempt appearance.

In bedrooms (and other rooms, as well), mirrors are a quick and cheap “fix” to add to a sense of spaciousness.  There’s a reason that five-star hotel rooms always have generous-sized mirrors—it gives the rooms the impression of being larger than they are.

Are there enough electrical outlets in each room?  Consider adding more if all are currently in use, or located in inconvenient spots.

Current studies show that potential home buyers react favorably to natural materials such as stone, marble and quality wood.  These add a feeling of cleanliness, as well as a modern touch.

Use fluorescent rather than incandescent lighting in bathrooms to provide a lighter feel.  Modern towel holders, racks and shower curtains also work wonders for giving bathrooms an up-to-date feel.

You want your home to stand out from any other homes also for sale in the vicinity, yet at the same time, you don’t want your place looking so vastly different as to seem out of place.

The key things to remember for boosting your home’s appeal are these:  Spaciousness, cleanliness and a sense of light.  If these are your watchwords, then you are well on the path to creating an inviting and attractive environment.