Tips for Choosing the Right Birdhouse

Whether you go shopping for a birdhouse or you choose to build one, you must consider what kind of bird that you want to attract to your yard. Different species demand different types of homes.

For example, wrens prefer small, ordinary homes while a purple martin requires a bigger home, a bigger entry, and it must be painted white on the outside. You will need to ensure that all paint is water-based.

 Chickadees are attracted to birdhouses that resemble wildlife. If you would like to place a birdhouse in your garden, then the bird that you might attract would be the Finch. They would have no problem living close to your home.

Of course, you will need to consider what birds live in your area. You might need to do some additional research to be certain that you will be meeting the needs of the birds that you want to attract into your yard.  

If you are thinking about building your own, here are some tips to ponder:

*Consider the material that you will be using. Wood is naturally the best material to use.

To provide natural water resistance, using cedar and redwood are your best options and the use of galvanized screws or nails is preferred.

*Make sure that there is proper drainage and ventilation for obvious reasons.

*The birdhouse will need to be cleaned at the end of the nesting season. Provide either a hinged roof or wall section for easy access.

*Perches are not a good idea as they can provide easy access for predators such as cats.

Lastly, if you are placing more than one birdhouse, take into consideration the species that are territorial. They tend to chase all the other birds off. So either give them some extra space or choose another type of bird to attract.

Of course, you don’t want to forget to add a birdfeeder or two. This also helps to invite birds and provides food while they are raising their families!

The fine feathered friends that you will attract will bring you much pleasure. It is worth taking a little extra time to meet their needs!