The Trend Towards Bamboo Flooring

Though bamboo is technically a grass, it makes excellent flooring material, being harder than most hardwoods! Bamboo floors have been measured at higher strengths than maple and oak and are more flexible, which is the perfect combination for a long lasting floor. Bamboo is also naturally resistant to moisture since it is a tropical plant and will repel stains for use in kitchens.

In addition to its strength and resiliency, people are also flocking to bamboo floors for their unique look. Bamboo floors have a very distinctive, striking look since they are a finished grass. They have a system of “nodes” that creates spectacular darkening bands that are a one of a kind look. Bamboo flooring is available in its natural lighter color and can also be finished into a darker color to match any existing décor and your furniture.

Like hardwoods, bamboo floors are cut into planks so you can vary the length and width of a cut to achieve another look. Create a wide open space with long, wide cuts, or create striking patterns with short, thin cuts.

Today’s hot topic is environmental protection which fits perfectly with bamboo flooring. Bamboo is harvested as a grass, rather than an entire tree, so a bamboo plant will produce the needed grass without having to be cut down. Bamboo also reaches maturity in five years, so it is a renewable resource.

Get in on today’s hottest trend, strong resilient bamboo floors to complement any style home.