Incorporating Teak into your Bathroom Materials

Teak admirably fits the categories of strength, non-corroding, comfort, durable and water resistant.

What are the specifications we should look for in a shower seat material?’

Assuming it will be used in a residential setting, the material must be not only be functional but aesthetically pleasing. As there will be bare skin in contact with surfaces, it must not splinter and it must be warm and comfortable. The proposed material should not be a maintenance headache. Possibly the most overlooked necessity, it must be strong to be safe.  It must also possess the following qualities:


Rot Resistant




Low Maintenance


Teak fits all of these categories admirably.  How did teak get in the mix for furniture and accessories in the shower? Teak has been used for boat building in India since back to the Third Millennium BC1. Boats are constantly in a wet environment, subject to the whims of storm and the heat of calm, the battering of waves and the dragging onto the rocks and beach. So the material they were built from had to be suitable for the proposed use, and teak fit the bill perfectly.

These are all excellent reasons to use teak for shower seats, bath mats and bathing accessories.  It comes in a multitude of shapes and is limited only by the imagination of the designer and the joinery of the wood.