5 Quick Home Makeover Tips

You don’t have to sink a lot of time or money into updating the décor of your home.  Use the following quick makeover tips to express changes in your style.

1. Make Use of Rugs – These can be large, medium, round or square rugs depending on your style. Area rugs can change the feel in a room and also protect your flooring.  They also work well on hardwood floors to define spaces. They’re perfect for dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms and foyers, and create an instant personality within each space.

2. Incorporate Mirrors – Mirrors in entrances and hallways instantly add depth to your home. Use mirrors across from windows and doorways. Save space by hanging full-length mirrors on doors and walls. Turn cocktail tables and chests into mirrored surfaces to create some sparkle and reflect the ceiling above.

3. Introduce New Fixtures into Your Home – This is one of the simplest changes you can make to define your home. Use the color scheme in each room as a guide. Polished silver or bronze fixtures work well with dark colors. Change cabinet handles and faucet fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens. High pouring faucets allow you more room in the sink especially when cleaning large pots and pans.

4. Add Molding and Paint – Adding molding, wainscoting and beefy trims creates instant detail and architecture to an otherwise bland space.  Use chair rails to divide walls in your dining room or down the hallway. Crown molding also adds height to ceilings.

5. Change the Flooring – While this makeover tip is quick, it can also be costly. Many flooring companies can change a carpeted floor to a hardwood surface in as little as six hours.  Do some judicious investigation of types of wood and prices before going ahead with the project.

It’s often the little things that add up to a big change in how you feel and function in your environment. Use these simple quick tips to rejuvenate your spirit and redefine any space in your home to best suit your family’s personality.