Smart Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen

Here are ten essential tips for smart kitchen storage:

1 ] Utilize redundant space.

If you are installing shelving, think laterally with your installation – you can go floor to ceiling for example. Use insides of cupboard doors for hanging; quality hooks are good if well installed.  However, be ‘clever and don’t crowd’

2] Display rather than conceal.

Be creative when storing your utensils, pots and pans and ornaments and make it fun. Create open and closed storage by combining closed cupboards with open displays units.  These can be bought or custom made.

3] Get rid of the fitted kitchen look.

Free up the walls, use freestanding antique dressers, [glass fronted ones let you see everything at a glance] rails for hanging, metal industrial shelving units, or bakers racks from catering suppliers – store the least used things at the top!

4] Organize Drawer space.

You can get an array of different drawer dividers.  Wooden ones add a bit of interest and don’t mark like their plastic counterparts.  Be sure you measure accurately before purchasing

5] Thoughtfully load your larder.

If you are lucky enough to have a larder or pantry, you should use the space thoughtfully, mainly for storing groceries. The design of your pantry should be a bit like the inside of your fridge – with all the surfaces utilized.

6] Group items by function.

Whether it’s an interesting ceramic pot holding your wooden spoons or bakeware in a dedicated drawer – it is always far easier to find things in logical places.

7] Circulate your gadgets.

We are all proud of our latest gadgets, but more often than not we build up a space hungry collection – too much to display all at once.  Think seasonal—if this is something you don’t use in summer months, store it out of sight until the warmer months.

8] Get Containers for every use.

Clear plastic containers are good for cereals, but best stored in a cupboard and brought out only at breakfast, whereas tall elegant glass ones containing pastas and pulses in great shapes, textures and colors can be on display all the time. Square containers are good in cupboards for space savers. Check your local bric-a-brac/antique shop for other unique storage containers.

9] Be Clean and safe.

Long gone are the days when you had a plastic bin hidden under the sink unit, where dirt and germs collected – this space is now freed up for cleaning and utility product as bins and recyclers are designed to be space effective and look great. Corner bins are often practical where space is limited.

Make sure you have a good range of clips, pegs and fasteners to keep food fresh and plan a cycle of storage cleaning to ensure everything hidden is kept regularly spic and span. Think of kids and pets when planning to keep certain things like cleaning product out of harm’s way.

10] Cut out the distance.

Utensils, cutting knives are best near their place of use.  There are now a diverse range of storage products for knives, from worktop freestanding units to wall magnets.

Also consider practicality of where things are.  Having your large dinnerware close to the dishwasher can save time and effort.

With a bit of planning and enthusiasm, you will be able to treat kitchen storage as a creative project – not just a functional chore.