Tips to Keep Your Trees Healthy

Trees and plants are living things just like ordinary humans and they not only need attention from time to time, but they also need the proper care and protection that enables them to live longer, healthier lives.

Trees and landscapes face various problems such as pests, storms and seasonal endurance, and it is up to you as the tree-owners to make a difference. Just giving water to your tree every day for a minute does not equal tree care.

No magical procedures are essential for a tree’s healthy survival, just a little time and some simple steps to ensure vitality. Dangerous pests, storms and disease imperil their lives in various ways. You must recognize the pests and tree diseases in the landscape and the damage they pose. Any threat should be dealt with through pesticides and insecticides, although it should be noted that some bugs are actually valuable to the trees.  It is important that these are not mistakenly harmed.

Storm-struck and disease-affected areas should be quarantined without delay to prevent additional damage or problems spreading to other trees.

Landscapes need deep-root fertilization at intervals but it should be conducted so that trees are not harmed in any way. Likewise, tree pruning and trimming are necessary for general health, and for fruit trees, this helps stimulates production. However, pruning must be conducted with care and expertise.

For the best possible results and no damage to the vegetation, it is best that you employ a trustworthy and certified arborist who can conduct the work expertly. Certified arborists make sure that they make no more changes to the original structure than necessary, to prevent unnecessary trauma or risk.  These include such delicate tasks as re-planting trees in new locations, preventing tree chopping, pruning trees in their best season, helping landscapes survive all seasons, fixing any potential storm damage, using correct fertilization techniques, treating tee diseases and tree bugs, as well as root grinding and stump removal.

If you opt to undertake these tasks on your own, make sure you are well-informed and take no steps that could endanger the life or health of your own foliage.