How to Decorate Your Home for Less

Here are a handful of tips to consider before you open your wallet—or substantially reduce the amount of money in your bank account—to “change up” your home.

Furniture, lighting and pictures can all be moved to offer a new perspective on an old living space.  A simple re-arrangement of the items you already possess can have a dramatic effect.

Installing curtains or shades is another way to give a room a new appearance.

Shopping for raw materials and creating something from these is less expensive than purchasing ready-made items. These include such things as pillowcases or simple wooden shelves. Shop at discount stores for reasonably priced accessories. Custom-made things are certainly a nice luxury, but they aren’t always necessary or worth the high price tag.

Painting an accent wall is a task easily within the reach of even the most tentative do-it-yourselfer.  Keep in mind that the prep work will be the most challenging step you face—take time to prepare the surface of the wall you will be updating so that the new paint job looks its best.

Walls should be clean, smooth and dry. Wash off all dirt and grease with a powdered household cleaner and water. Stick to colors in the neutral range, white or cream, say, as a clean backdrop for the rich textures and shades of furniture pieces and accessories.

When it comes to new purchases, begin with inexpensive basics, like environmentally friendly shower heads and lights, then consider the benefits of ceiling insulation and whether you can save on electricity costs by installing solar panels.

A few strategically placed items can change a room from dull to dramatic! Change out cabinet handles, or add a houseplant.  A new frame on a cherished photo or painting can create a compelling new point of focus.

Once you’ve made a handful of economical changes and updates, take a step back and consider the overall effect.  Has this given you the breath of fresh air you are seeking from a makeover?  If not, then it’s time to consider larger—and more expensive—renovations.