Brighten Your Home with Glass Tiles

A dark and dull home interior is not usually what homeowners strive for. It still occurs probably because of light-absorbing carpets and hardwood. For this reason, many people are deciding to integrate glass tiles in parts of the house. Glass is reflective, making areas seem brighter and larger. Adding radiance to a home is only one draw of glass tiles. It offers many other beautiful and practical benefits to a home.

Glass tiles come in an array of colors, shapes, sizes and designs. A homeowner can choose from a wide collection of either standard or custom tiles or they can hire a tile artist to create a one-of-a-kind piece for their home. This method has become trendier recently because of the endless custom possibilities and aesthetic appeal. Glass has been used for centuries in every type of constructions because it is resilient. Water-proof and non-porous, glass resists moisture and will never stain or harbor mildew growth, making it a natural non-allergenic material. In addition, glass tiles never fade, scratch or decay, which means endless application possibilities without the risk of damage. These facts have been proven through time.

Since glass tiles can withstand harsh conditions unlike many other surface coverings, it is ideal for a multitude of applications. Fireplaces, wall backsplashes, kitchen and bathroom floors or countertops are just a few examples. Glass is even weather-proof enough for outdoor use. It is very popular as pool tile because of its strength and attractive mosaic design possibilities. From a “green” standpoint, the developing innovations of recycled glass make it healthier for the environment. Recycled glass is in no way inferior to non-recycled glass. It creates a unique and often sought-after appearance that can resist the same conditions as any newly-created glass.

Glass has extremely easy maintenance. Everyday glass cleaner will do the trick. Due to its recent increase in recognition and competitive availability, glass is very reasonably priced. Glass tile applications have seen an increase lately due to recent anti-slip products, making it ideal for floor applications. Be aware, however, that while glass is resilient, it can still break due to abuse. Floor-rated tiles are recommended in high-traffic areas. These are more resistant and less likely to crack.  If you decide that glass is for you, remember these specialty tiles require specific installation methods, so be sure to hire a professional. From design to finish, glass tiles make a beautiful addition to any home.