5 Things To Do Before Getting Your Closet Renovated

Are you getting the most out of your closet? If your idea of a closet organization system is like most people’s, a single long bar at the top and a pile of shoes at the bottom, then you probably aren’t. But hold on:  There are a couple of things you can to do before calling a handyman to install the closet of your dreams. Here are the top five:

1) Measure Your Space – The old saying “measure twice, cut once” is very applicable here. Before calling anyone or ordering anything, take stock of the space you have. Don’t count on a carpenter or handyman doing the measuring, or else you may be sorely disappointed when it turns out your plans are bigger than your available closet.

2) Take Stock of Your Stuff – Once you know how much space you have, you need to know how much space you need. Making an inventory of your clothes, shoes and other apparel can help you make proper plans.

3) Design Your Space – You don’t need to be an architect or even very good at drawing. Just have a rough idea of how you want your renovated closet laid out. Use the inventory you took in step two to come up with some preliminary ideas. For instance if you have a lot of shoes, consider devoting more closet space to shoe racks, or building in a wall-mounted shoe rack. If most of your hanging clothes are separates, you can gain more space by stacking hanger bars over each other, whereas if you have a lot of long dresses, you will need to devote more of the closet to full-length hanging space.

4) Set A Budget – When you are going over finalized plans with your carpenter or handyman, or even if you’re doing the work yourself, it’s important to have a budget in place so that you know what you can realistically accomplish. Many a renovation project has been abandoned halfway through because the dream overshot the budget.

5) Get Some Professional Advice – Before settling on a final design and a final contractor or handyman to do your closet remodel, talk to several people to make sure that you’re getting the most closet for your money. Check with a personal organizer, or at least read some blogs by personal organizers, to make sure your plan makes sense and will give you the most space and the help you need to really take advantage of all your closet space.

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