3 Benefits of Installing French Doors in Your Home

French doors have long been a way to add to the overall design aesthetic in your home, and in recent years their popularity has made a comeback. Whether they’re interior doors or they lead to an outdoor garden, French doors are a beautiful addition and can help add to your home’s value, as well as providing a host of other benefits.

1. They’re Extremely Customizable. Many people think that by choosing French doors – especially ones that lead to the outside – they’re giving up security. However, French doors are surprisingly customizable and can easily have custom security locks built in, as well as easily changeable hardware to better match your home’s current interior and exterior fixtures.

2. They Give the Illusion of Additional Space. French doors can help divide a small house or apartment, while still giving the illusion of extra room since they offer a view of the rest of the home. By hanging curtains in French doors, it’s easy to close off areas and ensure privacy without having to sacrifice the appearance of additional space.

3. They Function as Windows, Allowing for More Light. Light, as any homeowner can tell you, is a commodity. Barring adding additional windows, which can be a serious financial undertaking, replacing a set of regular doors with French doors can let in more light, changing the overall atmosphere of the home.

Most importantly, French doors are seen as both a design feature and a functional addition to a home. By installing this type of door, you can increase your home’s value – a must-have in today’s tough real estate market.

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