3 Tips for Remodeling Your Commercial Building

Whether you want to improve the look of your commercial building, increase the property value, or you need to bring your building up to safety and health codes, remodeling a building is no simple task. And while many commercial landlords prefer to bring in outside help, there are still a few things to keep in mind before getting started.

1. Make sure you take care of permits.

Depending on where the building is located, there could be permits that you’ll need before starting any type of major renovation project. Permits could hinge on whether or not the work is interior or exterior, among other factors. Be sure to double check that you have all permits that you need before you get started to avoid running into complications.

2. Know who’s managing the project.

With extensive remodeling and repairs, you could have multiple projects going on simultaneously. The project manager will also manage material deliveries and handle any disputes. Make sure you know who the overall project manager is so that you can keep on top of deadlines and milestones and stay abreast of any issues that may come up during the process. This will ensure that the project runs smoothly and stays on course.

3. Plan Accordingly.

From creating a detailed budget to allowing enough time to successfully complete a renovation project, make sure that you plan for everything. A few things to keep in mind are: managing how your project will affect your tenants, making sure that there are alternatives to whatever space is being worked on (i.e., stairs available if the elevator is under maintenance), and finding the right contractor to handle the job.

Undergoing a commercial remodeling project is a large undertaking, but with the right planning and the right help, it can provide a host of benefits that will improve your building, make your tenants happier and increase the value of your property. Our expert craftsmen at Handyman Matters can assist you with all of your commercial remodeling and maintenance needs. Call us today at 1-866-FIX-MY-HOME or enter your zip code above to find a location near you!


5 Senior Safety Enhancing Features for your Home

With many Boomers entering retirement age, it’s never been more important to add safety features for seniors into your home – especially since many seniors are opting to stay put in their houses, rather than moving to an assisted care facility. To make sure your loved ones are safe at home, consider adding these 5 safety enhancing features.

1. Hand Rails

Hand rails are generally installed on stairs and in longer hallways to assist with mobility and to reduce the chance of a fall. These types of safety measures are generally quick and inexpensive to install.

2. Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps are helpful for homes that have stairs leading to the front door or have smaller levels within the home – usually a sunken living room or a few stairs that lead to the kitchen or another room in the house. Adding a wheelchair ramp adds mobility and allows a person to move around to different rooms more freely while decreasing the risk of an accident.

3. Motion Detector Lighting

Lighting beside the bed and in rooms that aren’t frequently utilized can often cause problems when light switches aren’t directly inside the room. Motion detector lighting simplifies that process by having lights turn on automatically when motion in a room is detected.

4. Bathroom Grab Bars

Bathrooms can quickly turn into a safety issue because of the fact that water can be slippery, as can showers and bathtubs. Many people will install rubber bath mats to help with stability, but bathroom grab bars are also helpful in reducing falls.

5. Non-skid Flooring

Wooden floors as well as linoleum and tile floors in kitchens can become very slippery – especially after being cleaned or polished. Non-skid flooring decreases the likelihood of a fall by making floors more traction friendly with either non-skid tile or a slip-resistant matte finish for existing floors.

At Handyman Matters, we know safety is the utmost importance for your family. That’s why we’ll even provide a complimentary home safety inspection to alert you to any potential safety issues and solutions on how to remedy them. Call us today to set up an appointment or a consultation at 1-866-FIX-MY-HOME or enter your zip code above to find a location near you!


5 Creative Ways to Add Storage Space

Everyone could use more storage space. Unfortunately, while most people can easily come up with things to store in it, most people can’t easily come up with the space. The good news is that finding room for additional storage space is easier than you think. You just need to get a little creative and make better use of organizing techniques. Here are our five favorite ways to increase your available storage space.

1 – Look Up

For homes with high ceilings, additional storage could be as simple as looking up. All that tall wall real estate is perfect for adding shelving and cabinetry. Try lining your walls with bookshelves, freeing up your current bookshelf space for other kinds of storage. Or hang cabinets to put away rarely used items that don’t have to be taken down/put up often. This is ideal for putting away winter clothes in preparation for the summer, or vice versa.

2 – Look Down

Taking the opposite approach of tip number one, you can look down for additional space. Simple tricks, like elevating your bed-frame by a couple of inches for additional storage space underneath, or building shelving or cabinets under decorative tables, can quickly add up to a lot of spare storage space.

3 – Add Some Organization

A lot of people have existing storage space that simply isn’t organized very well. Adding organizational elements like dividers, bins, extra shelving, or hanger bars can add tons of storage room to any house. Look under sinks and in closets for organizing opportunities.

4 – Finishing Touches

Completing an unfinished attic, basement, or garage can be a great way to add space to any home. When it is in its unfinished state, many people simply make piles in these spaces without regard to good organizational or space-saving principles. By finishing these spaces, you will have far more manageable storage space than you previously thought. As a bonus, you can move the stuff out and house-guests in if friends drop by for an extended visit.

5 – Extend a Wall

This is the most extreme organizational tip, but if you have a large open room and need extra storage space, consider extending a wall to create a new closet. This works especially well in large bedrooms where extra walk-in space might be much less important than extra hanger space. If you have wide hallways near your front door, consider building a mini vertical shoe closet for a quick way to gain some more room.

The professionals at Handyman Matters can help you increase your storage space and create more room for you to work with! Call us today at 1-866-FIX-MY-HOME or enter your zip code above to find a location near you!