Spruce up Your Home for Autumn Entertaining

November is now upon us, which means that the holiday season is in full swing. Now is the time to start preparing your home for the November and December holidays.  And before you start to get stressed at this prospect, keep an important fact in mind:  You can go as big or as small as you like with your preparations.  Even a few tiny, cosmetic changes can reap big rewards.

Going Small

A little closet reorganization can work wonders in freeing up space and preparing spare rooms for guests coming to spend the holidays.

Change around some wall decorations.  Are there a few pictures that have been gathering dust in your basement or attic that deserve their turn on your walls?  Something as simple as this can give a room an entirely new appeal.

What about a new rug and/or new towels in the bathroom?  Or a stylish new container with some decorative soaps sitting next to the basin.

New pillows and a spread in the guest bedroom?

Take a close look at the things you see every day, but with a new, critical eye.  Are there scuff marks on the wall that could be banished with a simple paint touch-up?  How about doing some drywall patching?  Are there loose or curling tiles in the entryway or kitchen that could be replaced without much effort?  It’s amazing how many small things—easy-to-repair-items—escape our notice when we’ve learned to live with them every day.

Going Larger

Replacing fixtures in the kitchen or in the bathroom produces huge results with a minimum of time and expense involved.

Similarly, replacing tired and outdated curtains with new, contemporary blinds produces a huge dividend in both mood and style.  As temperatures dip outside, consider going with something warm and inviting inside.

How long have you had the same light fixtures or the same table and floor lamps?  A quick pricing trip to a local furniture or outlet store opens up a world of possibilities geared towards a variety of different budgets.  Even if you come home without a purchase, it doesn’t mean you come home without any new ideas for ways to spruce up your home.

Refinishing cabinets can be time-consuming, but the expense can be minimal, and the change in appearance huge.

If you don’t have the time and wherewithal to do an entire shower replacement, you can still tile the surround or change out the door with something that complements the shower, and gives the entire room a fresh appearance

Going Big

And in case you’ve scheduled an entire family reunion to take place at your home over the holidays, and you want to pull out all the stops, then consider a few bigger projects:

Maybe you’ve been giving some thought to “going green” in the bathroom, already.  Now might be the ideal time to go for a new shower and a new toilet that’s been on your wish list for awhile.  You can combine efficiency with style by utilizing one of the wide varieties of low-flow, high-efficiency units with clean, contemporary lines.

Adding molding to your living room and dining room walls will create a definitive new look with decorative accents.  Consider a chair rail, too.  This is a horizontal trim that can be installed alone or atop of wainscoting, and it protects walls from chair backs when guests scoot their chairs back just a little too enthusiastically from that big turkey dinner.

Renovate the floor in one or more rooms with more contemporary tile or slate, something in a neutral or warm tone that provides a more inviting atmosphere for your guests.

Ultimately, keep in mind that these changes benefit your guests and your holiday entertaining plans in the short-term, but even more importantly, they benefit you and your family far longer.  After your guests have returned home full of pleasant memories of time spent with you, you’ll be enjoying the changes you’ve made to your home for months and years to come.

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