Updating Your Fireplace Mantle

Whether you’re thinking of selling a house in the near future, or just want to update it to keep pace with your changing tastes and styles, there’s one great remodeling option that can instantly change the entire character of your living room or den:  An update of the fireplace mantle. Unlike most remodeling investments, an updated mantle is one of the few that will usually add more than the price of the remodel to the value of your home, and it is a great way to make your whole house feel new and exciting all over again.

There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when considering a new fireplace mantle. The main thing most people think about is whether or not the new mantle will match their current home decor. This is actually not terribly important, and here’s why: a fireplace mantle will almost always become the centerpiece of the room, owing largely to its size and positioning. Since it’s such a large part of a room’s character, it will naturally set the tone for the rest of the room, meaning that it takes a lot less work to “make it fit in” than most people think. In fact, often something as relatively minor as painting the room to match the new mantle will be enough to make it fit.

One of the few times that you DO have to seriously consider the design of your mantle before upgrading is if your home is built in a very pronounced style. For instance, if you have an art-deco style home with lots of straight angles and minimalist design, a heavily embellished mantle will stand out. Or vice versa, if you live in a Victorian home with lots of molding and scroll-work on the walls, getting a sleek, modern mantle might not be doable, if you don’t want it to stand out.

You should also seriously consider your choice of material. If it’s a non-working fireplace, you can get creative with various woods and other non-standard materials; however, if it’s an actively used fireplace, your first consideration should always be function followed by form. Marble, granite, and other glossy stone will add brightness to the room, and will give the fireplace a more formal feeling. Slate, shale, and wood, on the other hand, often have the opposite effect, making a room more warm and inviting. Either way, a fireplace mantle remodel can be a fantastic way to turn your living room or den into the room you want it to be and set the mood for the entire house.

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