Choosing the Right Glass Front Door

Adding a front door with glass accents can dramatically change the way your house looks. But which door is the right door for you, and how do you go about choosing one?

Well, to start it helps to know the terminology. A typical glass front door is comprised of four distinct elements: the door itself, which is usually (though not always) made of wood, the glass panels, set in the door and comprised of many different kinds and combinations, and optionally sidelights, the windows on either side of the door, and a transom, a glass portion stretching the width of the door and the sidelights. So what are some things to look for when purchasing a new front door?

Mixing and Matching

The most immediate and obvious consideration when choosing a front door with glass components is the glass itself. Glass panels come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures, and will often have matching sidelights and a transom. The first step is to find some options that match your existing house in look and feel.

Options range from clear to stained to frosted glass. They also include the type of setting the glass comes in, with some doors setting the glass directly into the wood and others using beveled lead glass. It may seem like a lot to choose from, but so long as you keep in mind what your house looks like and what you want it to look like, narrowing down your options should be pretty easy.

Private Eyes

One important feature to consider when purchasing a front door with glass elements is that while the glass lets in plenty of sunshine, it also lets passers-by get a glimpse inside your home.

While this isn’t a major concern if the door you’re looking at only has a few small glass panels, it becomes a much bigger issues if you’re considering an option with large, expansive panels and wide sidelights. Some options for alleviating this problem include using window treatments, or to go with glass panels that are frosted, beveled, or are stained.

A glass front door can make your home more inviting and add a touch of elegance in a way that few improvements can. It might seem like a big decision, and in many ways it is, but if you take your time, think about what you want, and consult your local handyman to see what can be done, you’re sure to love the end result. Call Handyman Matters today at 1-866-FIX-MY-HOME or enter your zip code above to find a location near you.