DIY: Home Maintenance Tips for April

With summer just around the corner, homeowners need to make sure that their properties are in tip top shape from the rigors of winter. April’s DIY home tips are all about making sure your house is ready to weather April showers and is prepared for summer.

  1. Clean and Adjust Ceiling Fans. You probably didn’t need to use your ceiling fans much over the winter, so getting them in shape for the warmer months means cleaning them (they get pretty dusty on top), and reversing the direction that the fan turns. In the summer, having cool air blowing downwards is more comfortable, while during the winter, having hot air directed up by the fan and then down the walls is better. There is generally a switch on the body of the fan or near the pull chain to reverse its direction.
  2. Inspect Chimney Cap and Masonry. Moisture and weather can begin to wear down and deteriorate the chimney cap (the flat part at the very tip of the chimney). If there’s been a lack of maintenance and the bricks have started to break loose, it can become expensive to fix.
  3. Inspect Siding, Soffit and Fascia Boards.  The horizontal boards underneath the eaves are the soffit boards, and the vertical boards that are attached to the gutter are the fascia boards. If there are cracks and/or separations within those boards, water can penetrate which causes additional damage. If this has happened, replace each board as needed.
  4. Change out Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries.  Even if they seem to be testing ok, it’s always better to play it safe and change out these batteries before they die.
  5. Inspect, Clean, and Re-attach Gutters.  Signs such as roofing nails or pieces of shingles in the gutters might be an indication that the roof needs inspecting. Check for rusting along the bottom of the gutters and make sure that gutter extensions discharge water at least three inches away from the house.
  6. Check Your Roof for Missing Shingles, Proper Installation and Other Issues.  Roofs can have a myriad of problems if proper annual upkeep isn’t a focus for homeowners. Make sure that there are no gaps around pipes and corners of roof, and double check to make sure that shingles extend ¾” past the roof decking to allow water to drip into the gutter. If there’s inadequate clearance, the water will run down the fascia boards and cause rotting. Add either a row of shingles around the roof to add aluminum flashing to fix these problems.

These quick and handy tips can help you make sure your home maintenance is up to date and prepared for the coming months. Handyman Matters has additional tips to help prepare you for the summer season – Enter your zip code above or call us at 1-866-FIX –MY-HOME to book your appointment today!