Modern Kitchen Cabinets for the Home

The modern kitchen cabinet should be inspiring to the homeowner, show a contemporary  look and fit well into the design of a home or condo. Many modern cabinet designs borrow heavily from traditional cabinet styles and add a bit of fashionable zing to express a specifically modern look. The colors can be numerous and even splashy and follow a specific kitchen theme that makes them blend well and beautifully into the overall modern kitchen design. The Italian style is one example. Wood is still the material of choice because it creates a warm mood. Here are a few modern cabinet designs that blend well into today’s contemporary kitchen.

English Modern

These cabinets feature handsome crown molding with furniture-style legs. A black-matte finish on the island provides a striking and pleasant contrast to the creamy-white wall cabinets. The thin fluting, traditional legs and beaded-board panels make these cabinets look like those in a modern English country estate.

The Urban

This style presents flat-front cabinet doors stained in coffee-dark. The drawer pulls are recessed and fashioned of stainless steel. The upper cabinets are glass-front for convenience and depth.

Italian Style

The Tuscan-touch is featured in this style of cabinet. These cabinets present various colors front and center to draw attention to different zones in the kitchen. The primary cabinets feature a butter hue with a glaze that’s properly stressed. The workstation island is executed in dark walnut brown. Finally, the Tuscan touch makes itself properly known with an Italian mantelpiece architecture framed around the cooking area.

Scandinavian Cabinets

The Scandinavian design is well anointed for the modern kitchen. These cabinets sell a bold perspective with their sharp, linear lines. The brown cabinet faces are simple slabs of wood that march smartly and evenly from floor to ceiling, across the entire kitchen. The workstation shows lime greens and cool grays to strike a broad contrast in color.

Retro Chic

This style features an interesting blend of contemporary and classic. Sandblasted glass doors, chrome hardware and a warm ebony stain all add to an updated, modern effect.

White Classical

The timeless white cabinet kitchen has been updated with intricate millwork that includes recessed drawers, wide ceiling molding and raised-panel doors. The design creates bold shadows and highlights that make these cabinets ageless.

Clean and Contemporary

The straightforward geometry of vertical lines gives this design a modem sleekness. These cabinets feature horizontal pulls, slab doors and thin walnut trim. The upper cabinet doors are tinted and rise up on European style hinges.

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