Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Kitchen

There are many great ways to update and change the look of your kitchen, and one of the best and least expensive ways is to paint it. In doing so, you will want to consider the color and style of your flooring and the other features in the room.

A good way to compare and contrast a number of ideas is to obtain color swatches or sample colors from your local paint or home improvement store to put on a small portion of the wall.

Consider which features of the kitchen will stay the same. You want to stick with a compatible motif as much as possible when choosing a new color, unless you are going to change it all up.  Make sure that you choose the colors that will blend well with your entire decor.

Also consider your kitchen lighting.  Many people are now using CFL bulbs to reduce costs and conserve energy.  In any event, remember that all colors will look different, based upon the type of illumination in the room.  It might be prudent to update your lighting before making a final decision on color selections.

Finally, consider how well the color will flow with the rest of the house.  In so many homes these days, kitchens open directly onto other areas, and a color scheme that looks good on its own may be jarring when it bumps up against the conflicting design of an adjacent room.  Utilize tones that complement those in other areas.

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