How To Keep Your Deck Clean

Are you the kind of person who does nothing to clean the deck unless you are holding a barbecue? And, even then you clean the grill and the furniture but ignore the deck. With warm summery days in, you will be holding a lot of barbecue parties, and if you want your deck to look presentable and last long, you should make an effort to keep it clean.

Are you the kind of person who does nothing to clean the deck unless you are holding a barbecue? And even then, you clean the grill and furniture, but ignore the deck. With warm summery days coming you’ll be doing a lot of entertaining and you’ll want your deck to look it’s best.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Get A Cover For The Umbrella – Keep it closed when you are not using it.  Left open, dirt, debris and leaves can stain the umbrella.  If you don’t want to close it, consider getting a cover.  This may seem like extra work and expense, but you won’t be dealing with a dirty umbrella at the end of the season or having to think about replacing it.

2. Store All Chair Cushions – If you want the chair cushions to remain in good condition, put them away. Store them and take them out only when you are going to use them. Otherwise, exposure to the natural elements will stain them or the cushion fabric will begin to look old and faded. If you are not going to store them when not in use, make sure that you invest in a good waterproof fabric.

3. Clean Your Deck Weekly – Debris accumulates under the furniture and around the planters.  Schedule a regular time to clean the deck, preferably weekly after you have mowed the lawn.  Remove dried leaves and other debris into a pile some distance away to prevent it from blowing or getting tracked back again.

If the planters are heavy, then it may be difficult to move them. Get planters with wheels, so that you can wheel them aside and clear the moisture trapped beneath them. Letting moisture accumulate will be harmful for the deck, especially if it is wooden.

Buy lightweight furniture for the deck, so that you can tilt or move it and let the rainwater run down. Remove the moisture and all traces of water to protect the furniture and the deck.

4. Keep Paper Towels Handy – Use paper towels to clean stains on the deck, furniture, umbrella, tablecloth or the cushions, as soon as you see them. This will prevent the stains from becoming permanent. And the quicker you blot the stains, the easier it will be to remove them.

Don’t forget to wash between the slats, the underside, and the intersections when you are doing your weekly deck cleaning. Use a mild detergent and water to wash the deck. Following these tips will ensure that it is always clean during the summer and spring months. This will also help extend the life of your deck.

For more information on maintaining or even repairing your decks, contact Handyman Matters, at 1-866-FIX-MY-HOME or enter your zip code above to find a location in your area.