Remodeling Help From the Pros at Handyman Matters!

Not everyone has the ability to look at a color sample on a small card and envision what an entire room will look like when painted that hue.  Even fewer of us can take this same paint chip and hold it up to various pieces of furniture, window treatments and flooring and know with any degree of certainty just what the overall effect will be when the room is decorated.  And once you’ve gone to all the time, effort and money to redecorate, you really want things to look as good in actuality as the vision did in your head in the first place!

This is where the amazing advances in home renovation software can come into play.  Great landscape design and interior design programs have been created that can assist homeowners in having a much more hands-on ability to imagine their living spaces.  Such software packages run the gamut from basic, free versions available online to more professional packages that retail for upwards of $500.

These software programs streamline all areas of home design—from color schemes to home schematics. Some packages even allow you to view your plans in 3D, which can really make your design vision to come to life. The higher end programs can even show you where shadows will line up, which plants will be within watering range, and they can also enable you view things in daylight or nighttime mode.

These programs have been designed for the average homeowner, so most feature things like drag and drop functionality and video tutorials. You’re able to select from hundreds of floor plans, thousands of furniture pieces and even pick details such as custom cabinetry and ceiling trim.

If these weren’t enough, a number of software programs let you plan more intricate phases of the home renovation process like foundation planning, layout of electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems.

You can even estimate the costs of your project with higher end software packages, and print up blueprint plans to give to the contractor on the project.

Home design software facilitates clear communication between the homeowner and the contractor, allowing everyone to be on the same page creatively. No more costly and frustrating miscommunications.  Before any paint is applied, before carpeting is pulled up and replaced, before nails hit the wall, you will have a clear picture of the outcome.  You can have a realistic budget in place and be confident that there won’t be any hidden surprises or unexpected additional charges.

For those of us who lack in visual-spatial judgment, home design software makes planning a renovation fun.  And Handyman Matters stands ready to assist with any and all remodels and repairs and to help you realize your vision of a perfect remodel.  Call 1-800-FIX-MY-HOME or enter your zip code above to find the Handyman Matters location nearest your home.