How To Fix Low Water Pressure

There are a few options to fix low water pressure that can affect faucets, showers, and other types of household fixtures. The first step is to determine whether low pressure is fixture-specific or affects the whole house.

fix low water pressure in your kitchen

Kitchen Faucet

The spouts on faucets for sinks in a kitchen often have an aerator to direct the flow of water. If water is slowly coming out of the spout, then the aerator (which is used to prevent water from spraying out of the spout) may need to be cleaned.  Remove it by hand or with a pair of pliers. If the aerator has lime scale buildup, then soak it in vinegar for up to eight hours. This will dissolve minerals that are causing low water flow.

Shower Head

One of the main reasons a showerhead will have low water pressure is because mineral deposits from hard water are causing a clog. Remove the showerhead and then turn on the water. This will remove any debris inside the pipe.  You can also use vinegar to dissolve mineral deposits inside the showerhead.


A toilet that is slow to fill may have a bad fill valve. You can check the operation of the fill valve for a toilet by first turning the angle stop off. Remove the flex line connected to the toilet and place it into a bucket or other container. Turn on the angle stop and check the pressure of the water. You may find that the fill valve is bad and will need to be replaced.

Bathroom Faucet

Low water pressure from a bathroom faucet can be caused by a clogged aerator.  Use the same procedure as described for fixing the kitchen faucet, as shown above.

Washing Machine

Washing machines that fill slowly may have hard water deposits on the screens or supply hoses. Clean any mineral deposits by taking off the water supply hose from the machine.  The screens are on the end of the hose and on the washing machine. Cleaning the screens will improve water flow coming into the machine.

Additional Information

If trying to fix low water pressure sounds intimidating or just simply beyond your scope to tackle alone, call 866-FIX-MY-HOME or go enter your zip code above to locate a Handyman Matters location near you.