Tips for Cooling the Air in Your Home

Air conditioning is the first and most popular method for cooling your home on a warm day, but there are additional ways, and most of these do not require any extra purchases or outside assistance. Let’s take a look at some of the best tips for cooling down your home.

Keep the Sun Out of the House

One of the best ways to cool your home without cranking up the AC is by keeping the sun’s warming rays outside. Shield your windows with shades, draperies, or other heat-filtering materials can reduce the temperature by a considerable number of degrees. Just make sure to block east-facing windows in the mornings and western-facing ones in the afternoons!

Change the Filter on Your AC Unit

When a filter is dirty, it is hard for that cool air to get into your home. Cleaning the filter in your AC unit is not difficult, and can be accomplished by looking through the manual that goes with your particular system.

Ceiling Fans

While fans don’t provide quite the immediate or intense cooling that air conditioning provides, they do go a long way towards reducing a room’s temperature and stirring up the stagnant, warm air. And they are much more energy efficient, besides.

Sealing Those Poorly-Insulated Areas

A poorly-insulated home allows both warm air to escape in winter and cooler air to exit in summer. A quick check of your home will determine if there are doors that aren’t closing tightly or windows allowing air to escape around the casings. Plugging these holes makes a remarkable difference in cool air retention. You can also put in weather stripping to keep cold air inside the house in the summer and warm air inside your home in winter.

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