Undercabinet Lighting

Do you have areas in your home that seem to be lacking something but you can’t quite figure out what it is? It could be that those areas simply need a little more light or a type of lighting that is more functional. The installation of under cabinet lighting may be just what you need to transform a dull space into a functional and  more attractive area.

It can be very frustrating trying to prepare meals in a kitchen with insufficient lighting. Adding lighting under the cabinets will instantly illuminate your meal preparation area making it a more enjoyable place to work. To brighten up your kitchen, you might want to explore and compare the different lighting options such as strip lights, puck lights or linear under cabinet lighting.

In addition to making your kitchen a more functional space, under cabinet lights can enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen decor. Puck lights are a good example of mood setting under cabinet lighting. Under cabinet lighting can be installed inside of a glass front or open-front cabinet. This gives you an opportunity to draw attention to collectibles or showcase your glassware or dishes.

The functionality of a craft room or workshop can also be increased with the addition of under the cabinet lighting. Other forms of lighting simply cannot provide the direction-specific illumination that lighting placed under a cabinet can.

Once you begin installing lighting that fits neatly under your kitchen cabinets or the cabinet in your craft room or workshop, you may begin seeing other areas of your home that would benefit from the installation of under cabinet lighting. One of those locations might be your bathroom. Here, the lighting would probably serve more as a nighttime illumination option or as a mood-enhancing element of decor. Rope lighting placed at the base of your bathroom cabinets could be considered a safety feature.

Under cabinet lighting can be used on a bookcase to make it a more impressive accent piece in your living room, bedroom or office. It can actually be added to almost any shelf in any area of your home to create a more dramatic space.

When you begin shopping for under cabinet lighting, you will have choices such as LED, fluorescent or halogen lights to consider. You’ll also need to take notice of the installation process. Some under cabinet lighting can be done as a DIY project and some require the expertise of a professional.

If DIY isn’t the right choice for your project, a Handyman Matters professional craftsman is always one call away at 1-866-FIX-MY-HOME or, you can enter your zip code above to find a location in your area.