Fall Efficiency

Fall EfficiencyAs summer winds down, we are shuffled back into the rush of the year. School starts up once again, schedules begin to divert from each other, the weather cools, and we are left trying to keep up with all our renewed demands.

Although there is a lot to get done, fall can be an exciting time.  Handyman Matters wants to help you have a stress-free fall by providing you with a guide to help hone in your Fall Efficiency.

In the upcoming months, Handyman Matters will cover…

Preparing your Entryway for the Holidays 

Halloween, Thanksgiving, these are two holidays that require immaculate entryways.  We will help you plan, covering everything from curb appeal, to welcoming doorways, to organizing the first steps inside your home.


You may not be the Barefoot Contessa, but that doesn’t mean you can’t entertain like her.  Handyman Matters has the secret to creating a kitchen and dining room worthy of the Food Channel.


Winter is just around the corner and we don’t want you to get caught off-guard.  Handyman Matters has the key to preparing your yard, reinforcing your home’s structure, and maximizing coziness as temperatures begin to fall.

Simple Solutions for Organizing

The secret to balancing schedules is organization.  Creating simple solutions to store your everyday necessities will help speed up mornings and reduce anxiety.

Creating a Work Space

When it’s cold outside, we know where you want to be. Every home needs a work space, whether it be for reading on rainy days, creating Pinterest crafts, helping your kids with their homework, or for working from the comfort of your own home.

Get the most out of your fall!  Stay tuned for more Fall Efficiency tips from Handyman Matters.