4 Green Ways to Illuminate your Home

Dark evenings are a staple of the fall and winter.  The sun sets early, around 6pm or so, taking us from day to night much earlier than we’re used to.  But that doesn’t mean that we’re staying in.  Especially with events like Halloween and Thanksgiving on the horizon, the fall is a time of dinners and fun. Consequently, it is essential to have a well-lit entryway.

 Outdoor LightingSolar lights are the more efficient fix to this problem.  Not only will you save on your electrical bill, but you will also have a very easy installation process, as these guys don’t wire into anything.  Below, Handyman Matters has 4, green, solar ideas to keeping your house well lit, and your guests safe.

  • Step & Fence Lights

These lights are small, and mountable – which is why they are perfect for steps or a fence!

Step lights are cool, especially if you buy motion sensor.  Place them every other step, so as guests walk up, the lights gradually turn on.  Talk about a stairway to heaven!

For your fence, place them about 5-6 feet apart towards the middle of the fence post to light up the edges of your lawn.  This is especially great for houses near open space, a clever life hack to keep an eye on pets and steer away predators.

  • Lawn & Path Lights

Illuminating the path to your door not only helps guests navigate your entrance, but it can also add curb appeal.  These particular lights are installed through posts, and are a great way to highlight parts of your lawn.  Space them out in pairs around your pathway, or place them closer together to add a sense of enchantment.

Solar, lawn lights are great for strategically decorating.  Around an outdoor table, for a romantic, moonlit dinner; or near a particularly scary Halloween decoration.  Their solar feature makes them very low maintenance, as they come on as soon as the sun sets.

  • Porch Lights

Every main entrance into your home should be framed a light.  Porch lights come in a variety of kinds: our favorite being the solar, motion sensor option.   This light can be mounted anywhere, because it does not need a power source.   There’s also more decorating options as you are no longer restricted where you put them.

  • Flood Lights

Flood lights are the most essential lighting fixture for your home.  However, they are not meant to stay on throughout the night (they are very bright).  Motion sensor is the only way to go.  As people come in and out, the light will turn on, making your entryways more welcoming and your house more alert.

Installing flood lights can be tricky.  They are meant to be placed centered over the garage door, or towards the roof over the entrance. You will need a tall ladder for this DIY task.

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