Tips on Preparing your Doorstep for Halloween

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Anyone with kids knows the importance of porches during the Halloween season.  Along with having the best candy selection on the block, you want to make sure that your home is welcoming and safe for all those visiting munchkins.  While some may go as far as installing a new awning over the porch, I have a few, less daunting tips you can do to prepare your doorstep for Halloween.

  • Paint

The oldest trick in the book to refresh your doorstep is adding a new coat of paint to the front door.  Red is the storybook choice for this – very little red riding hood – but really any complimenting color to your home will do.  Some combos we like are black doors on white houses, dark blue on gray, bright yellow on blue…  (Side note – certain color combos look good but may have too many connotations to be doorstep appropriate.  Avoiding red and green, black and orange, and the colors of any local sports teams will give your new color more longevity.)

  • Hardware

Similar to how you would revamp an old dresser by installing new handles, you can update your front door this way too!  A recent trend in renovations has been to not only swap out the handle but to add in side brackets to give the door more of a rustic, barn-door feel.  Luckily for you all, Handyman Matters has curated a Pinterest board just for this!

  • Pumpkins

This is a fun step to incorporate the imaginations of your kids.  As you all know, Halloween is a time of pumpkin patches and pumpkin carving.  In my mind, the more pumpkins on your doorstep, the better; and the more carved pumpkins – well that’s even better!  Print out pumpkin stencils or freehand with a sharpie, this will help get you, and your kid’s vision under control.  Then, when you’re ready to slice and dice, you can take over the reins for the little ones, or show them how to safely cut along a line (cut away from yourself please!). For more tips check out this link!

  • Lights

Candles are that fire-risk you can’t live without.  I have had many conversations with other parents about how to avoid flames this year, or if you’re going to go for it – what is the safest way to do so.

Here’s the rules – if you choose to use candles, save them for pumpkins only.  They fall over inside a pumpkin and the flame will be kaput.  Lining an outdoor walkway or banister with candles is not ideal: especially if you want trick-or-treaters.  Kids are prone to knocking things over, and this likelihood only increases if there’s fire involved.  Instead of using candles for the rest of your porch why not install some spooky string lights, flameless candles, or change out your porch light to a colored/blacklight bulb?


When I’m struggling to check things off my holiday list, Handyman Matters has my back.  Anything from paint, to installations, to repairs.  To find a handyman in your area call 866-FIX-MY-HOME or enter your zip code above.