6 Ways To Transform Your Home This Halloween

1. The House Has Eyes!

Haunted House

Teeth and eyes are spooky cut-outs to put over your front door.


2. Killer Silhouettes! 
Haunted House

Cut out black contact paper in the shape of a murderer to create terrifying shadows at night!



Haunted House

Oversized spiders create an especially chilling effect crawling down taller houses.  Add spiderweb spray to really put the look over the edge!


4. Skeletons Are Breaking In!

Haunted House

A fun twist to the classic skeleton decor is arranging them to look like they’re breaking in!


5. It’s Not a House, It’s A Mouth!!

Haunted House

Teeth, pink porch lights, and a chalk tongue to transform your home into the jaws of death!


6. Cannons!

Haunted House

Your house turns into a ship with the help of painted poster tubes.


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