Home Installations for a Warm Holiday


Heated Floors

Heating your home from the floor up is a wonderful way to trick your holidays guests into think they’re at a spa.  Walk around barefoot without getting cold! Best suited underneath stone, concrete or ceramic tile.  Wood floors can work as heated floors as long as you find a carpenter who can measure them so that they can expand. However, in order to add these to your home, you will need to tear up and install new floors.  While hot air does rise, if you start it at the floor, you will cover heat key areas before the warmth begins to dissipate.  These can run a little pricey.  The most affordable option when it comes to heated floors is Hydronic floors.  They run off a boiler or a water heater.  Consequently, hydronic floors are difficult to install.  In the long run though, their cost effective nature will out-weigh the negatives.


If you’re not yet ready for headed floors, a cozy carpet will be your next best option.  Before shopping, consider the needs of the area you’re looking to cover.  Is this a high-traffic hallway?  Is it going to be a cozy addition to a living room?  With it be at risk for food & drink stains?

Here’s a carpet breakdown.  You have Plush and Saxony carpets, which are high pile, soft, but they easily show footprints.  These are for your living rooms, bedrooms, and libraries.  Then there’s Berber and Textured carpets.  These are low pile, and they’re good at masking dirt and footprints.  Ideal for hallways, foyers, and dining rooms.  The one type of carpet that can hide dirt and is also plush is the Friezes.  It’s for those of you willing to pay for an all-in-one kind of carpet.


For those of you who currently have wonderful wood floors, don’t worry.  You don’t have to get wall to wall carpeting or heating floors to stay warm this winter.  Just add a rug!  They can also double a way to keep larger furniture items from sliding around on the wood.  Try a Persian inspired rug for your dining room, or a shaggy carpet for your living room, or a bamboo mat for your kitchen.


nest thermostat

For the technology obsessed, there’s a little gadget called the Nest.  Some would say it’s better than adding cozier flooring as the Nest self-regulates, learning your homes preferred temperatures, and sensing when to lower heating if inhabitants are out of town.  You can also control this from an app on a smartphone.  So, if you find yourself watching a snowstorm from work, you can set your temperatures a little higher so it’s extra nice when you get home.  The comfort formerly know as heating up your car in the drive way.

Keeping your home warm is especially important for the holidays.  While pillows and throws can sometimes do the job, flooring is a more comprehensive solution.  Just pick out your desired material and give Handyman Matters a call: we will install it for you! 866-FIX-MY-HOME